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Why Professionals are Needed to Replace Garage Door Springs

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PL Garge Doors –  Spring Repair and Replacement for Franklin

While many garages have an automatic opener, quite a few Franklin homeowners still raise and lower the door by hand. In both types of garages, the springs inside and over the door help make lifting the door a much easier process. When they break, an automatic opener cannot lift the door, and it becomes a problem for many people to raise the door unassisted.

While homeowners may want to repair the garage door spring in Franklin, replacement is the only option. Pro-Lift technicians train and arrive with a service van equipped to quickly remove a broken spring and replace it on every model of door available on the market today. If it happens in the morning, our people can often finish the job and depart by the time the kids come home from school.

Garage Door Spring Replacement Process

Technicians unplug the power if it is an automatic door and slide the lock in place if it is a manual door as safety measures. Next, they measure the spring or springs. Most doors use a pair of springs, so our personnel carefully measure the unbroken spring to determine the length needed for replacement. If there is only one spring, the Pro-Lift technicians remove it, lay it on the ground with the pieces together, and measure that.

Removing a spring is not an easy procedure and can be dangerous. Our technicians carefully turn the winding cones until the pressure is off the spring. Although the spring itself is under little pressure at this time, both the spring and the cone can slip, causing hand, face, and eye injuries. Hundreds of people are hurt every year trying to perform this task themselves.

After taking out the broken spring and measuring it, the technician removes a replacement from the truck. Each service van has an extensive inventory of springs and other parts so that each technician can complete the task in one day, and not waste time driving back to our office or a supply house for the right part. Replacing the spring is a more straightforward task, but it still takes the right tools, training, and patience to do it correctly and not accidentally catch a fingertip while winding the new spring in place.

At PL Garage Doors we know how important the garage door is, especially when it does not open. If you have a problem with your garage door or hear a noise that does not sound right, call us today at 615-283-9440 to schedule an inspection or another service.

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Replacing garage door springs can be dangerous.  Call Pro-Lift for all of your garage door repair needs.