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Replacement Garage Door Cable and Drums in Murfreesboro

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garage door track and drum

Garage door cables snap? Do you have a bad cable drum (Most people call it a garage door pulley?)

Murfreesboro is one of the fastest growing cities in Tennessee. New families arrive every day, ready to work and play in a fantastic place to live and raise their kids. When anything happens to crash their busy schedules, it has to be dealt with as fast as possible to keep everything moving along.


Garage Door Drums

The things that look like pulleys for a garage door are actually called drums.


That is why Murfreesboro garage door damage needs a quick and professional garage door service. At PL Garage Doors, each technician is fully trained to handle every type of damage from popping out a dented door panel to a major issue like a broken cable and drum.

garage door track and drum

The photo above is an example of what happens when both sides of the garage door do not lift or carry the weight equally. One of the drums does not spool the cable back properly and then the single cable carrying the weight snaps, damaging the drum. In this particular instance, a rake became jammed on one side of the door and several attempts to blindly lower it eventually led to the problem.

The Process of Replacing a Garage Door Drum and Cable

To replace the cable and drum, PL Garage Doors technicians first have to remove it from the torsion spring safely. That means unplugging the automatic opener and using specially-designed tools to unwind it, releasing the tension, and then pulling both drums to examine for damage. Since the cable and drum are one unit, both require replacing even if the only damage is to the cable.

After attaching a new cable and drum, technicians carefully place the torsion spring back under tension and check the rest of the door and automatic opening system for possible damage. If they find none, they plug it back in, test it, and return the now working door back to the homeowner. Each PL Garage Doors service vehicle is fully-equipped to replace the drum unit and much more at every service call.


Regardless if it is a cable and drum or another type of garage door damage, contact PL Garage Doors today for a fast and professional response to your home. If your automatic garage door won’t open, close, or makes a sound like nails down a chalkboard, call our office at (615) 283-9440 to schedule a service call.

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