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Lighting Strikes a Brentwood Tennessee Garage and Blows it Off the Track

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If lightning does strike a Brentwood home, there is always some physical damage. The sheer force of the strike can twist the tracks of the garage door, even tearing them out of the frame completely and tear holes in the door panels. Regardless if the damage is to the door, the tracks, or other parts, Pro-Lift Garage Door repair services can repair or replace all of it.

In addition to the usual physical damage, the seasonal storms now affecting our area can also affect garage door openers. Specifically, direct or even nearby lightning strikes can interrupt power and blow out some or all of the electrical or mechanical parts of the garage door opener, as well as damaging the door itself. Many issues can cause the need for garage door repair services in Brentwood.


PL Garage Doors recommends that homeowners and residents watch out for the following signs and problems after a lightning strike:


Lights won’t turn on or the warning light to indicate that an object is blocking the door from moving is flashing when nothing is there. The first could only be a popped light bulb, but the second indicates there is a problem.

The remote control in the cars and the keypad near the door stops working. Lightning could have overloaded the circuits that detect the signal from the remote. Before calling us, owners and residents should change out the batteries first to make certain it isn’t just a coincidence or Murphy’s Law in action. If the new batteries make no difference, then the power surge from the lightning is the culprit.

The opener itself may be acting without receiving a signal from the remote or the keypad. Examples include suddenly opening or closing with no input or stopping halfway through either action. That, and the other problems can all happen when a lightning strike happens nearby, and not necessarily striking the home or on the property itself.



Of course, there is one item that homeowners can purchase to protect their garage door opener from every power surge except a direct lightning strike. Buy a commercial-grade surge protector and plug the garage door opener into it, so that takes the hit instead


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