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Garage Photocell Repair and Maintenance in Murfreesboro

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Photocell Repair on a garage

For Murfreesboro residents, an automatic garage door opener is as much a part of their home as the water heater or indoor plumbing. Not having one in the home is a negative aspect for anyone looking to buy or trying to sell a home.

Photocell Repair on a garage

Garage doors that won’t open can have many causes

If the garage door barely moves, does not move at all, or does not come down, there is likely a problem with one or both of the photocells (a green emitter and red receiver) that allow the opener to raise or lower it safely. For repair of or to maintain photocell safety, Murfreesboro homeowners need a professional service. Pro-Lift service techs train extensively to troubleshoot and repair or replace every part of a garage door or the opener on every major brand availablle.

They also often find that an object has gotten between the two photocells which block the receiver from the light beam of the emitter. The object can be an improperly parked car, a carelessly thrown bag of trash, or even a large, family dog tucked away in the garage for a nap.

Repair and Maintenance in Murfreesboro

More often, an accidental kick or shoving too many shovels and other tools in the corner knocks one of the photocells out of alignment. Here, a Pro-Lift service tech can use a simple flashlight and a screwdriver to check the alignment and then put one or both photocells back into the correct positions.

Then, there is the owner who isn’t paying attention and backs the car into one of the rails. That twists it out of alignment, taking one of the photocells with it. After the tech replaces the rail, they use the same tools to realign the photocells for the proper function of the door and opener.

With smaller accidents, someone drops a tool or some other heavy item onto the photocell, breaking it or the wiring connecting it to the system. Each Pro-Lift service vehicle carries the replacement parts for all major brands, so there is no delay in repairing the photocell or removing and then installing the new one other than the few steps needed to get it out of the truck.

At PL Garage Door in Murfreesboro, our goal is to help every homeowner and resident put their garage door opener back in working order so they can do the same with the rest of their day. If you have a problem with your opener or the garage door itself, contact us today at (615) 283-9440. We are here for you.

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