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Lighting Strikes a Brentwood Tennessee Garage and Blows it Off the Track

If lightning does strike a Brentwood home, there is always some physical damage. The sheer force of the strike can twist the tracks of the garage door, even tearing them out of the frame completely and tear holes in the door panels. Regardless if the damage is to the door, the tracks, or other parts,…
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Photocell Repair on a garage

Garage Photocell Repair and Maintenance in Murfreesboro

For Murfreesboro residents, an automatic garage door opener is as much a part of their home as the water heater or indoor plumbing. Not having one in the home is a negative aspect for anyone looking to buy or trying to sell a home.

Why Professionals are Needed to Replace Garage Door Springs

PL Garge Doors –  Spring Repair and Replacement for Franklin While many garages have an automatic opener, quite a few Franklin homeowners still raise and lower the door by hand. In both types of garages, the springs inside and over the door help make lifting the door a much easier process. When they break, an…
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garage door track

Murfreesboro Overhead Garage Door Professional Repair And Replacement

Accidents in a Murfreesboro garage can cause more problems than just spilling paint on the floor. When the garage also serves as a storage shed, the risks to denting and otherwise breaking property can be rather high. Even a tipped over ladder can do much damage on the way down. Garage Door Repair Specialists for…
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garage door track and drum

Replacement Garage Door Cable and Drums in Murfreesboro

Garage door cables snap? Do you have a bad cable drum (Most people call it a garage door pulley?) Murfreesboro is one of the fastest growing cities in Tennessee. New families arrive every day, ready to work and play in a fantastic place to live and raise their kids. When anything happens to crash their…
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Nashville Garage Door Replacement

Nashville residents are in a unique position to enjoy the benefits of access to I-65 and that slightly larger city a few miles north of us. Both points mean more people come here to live and raise their families. The appeal is there, and many people are improving their homes to draw in new neighbors…
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Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement in Nashville

Regardless if a Nashville home has an automated garage door opener, it quickly becomes a manually operated door when the power goes out or a torsion spring breaks. Even if the model of door has two springs, the weight of the garage door exceeds the ability of a mechanical opener to lift it without causing…
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