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Bent Garage Door Track Needs to Be Replaced

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Professional Garage Door Track Replacement For Franklin Homes

A properly functioning garage door is an important part of every Franklin home. Even if homeowners do not store a vehicle inside, the larger door and better access to the kitchen and laundry room make it the preferred entry for groceries and muddy family members. When the garage door breaks down, simple, daily tasks take longer and are generally more difficult to accomplish.

In many residences, garage door track replacement in Franklin, Tennessee takes care of the problem. Pro-Lift repair and replacement technicians arrive at every home fully prepared and can handle most problems in a single day. Our technicians often find the problem started small and grew worse until the owner cannot use the door for its intended purpose or there was an accident that caused the issue.

Even securely set tracks can come loose from the garage door frame over time. After several weeks and months, tracks even slightly out of alignment start to take a beating every time the door goes up or down. Eventually, garage doors begin to jump whenever they roll over the affected section and then catch when the track twists enough to prevent normal function.

When it comes to accidents, one of the family drivers usually gets in a hurry or has to respond to a text when backing out of the garage. We know that turning the wheel even slightly too far can flatten a track completely.

Get that overhead door back on track!

In either situation, PL Garage Doors techs quickly disengage the overhead springs and remove the door panels needed to access the damaged tracks. They can remove and dispose of the bent and twisted tracks quickly, even hauling them away for disposal if needed. Each service truck is fully-stocked with tracks, other equipment, and the tools needed to make repairs that work for every major model of residential garage door opener. That allows them to begin replacement immediately after pulling the old ones from the garage.

At PL Garage Doors, our goal is to put every Franklin garage back to its original, functional condition. If your garage door does not function, or jumps and makes odd noises, call us at 615.283.9440 today to schedule an inspection and get the replacement process started.

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